Martin ProsceniumDMX Multimedia Lighting Controller

Martin ProsceniumDMX is the latest generation of Digimedia visual lighting software for Windows 95. This powerful software is the evolution of our DMXPlus software, evolved from the initial DOS version developed in 1995 to the current powerful visual and multimedia version. A worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Martin Professional A/S makes this powerful product widely available.

The powerful Multimedia capabilities of Windows 95 are finally at your service to quickly develop powerful and inexpensive lighting solutions. This revolutionary visual DMX-512 lighting control package can greatly simplify lighting show control. Martin ProSceniumDMX applications are targeted to these fields:

Martin ProSceniumDMX is a simple, general-purpose, PC-based DMX-512 Multimedia Lighting Controller that gives you:

Two ProSceniumDMX packages are available through Martin Distribution Network:

(*)contact Martin distributors for availability

Here are the main Martin ProsceniumDMX features (more details in the Specifications page):

ProsceniumDMX user interface

ProScenium screen

Download Martin ProSceniumDMX User's Manual

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