ProScenium BlackBox

ProScenium BlackBox, a DMX-512 record/playback tool

A new way to develop DMX-512 lighting:

Our BlackBox tool for Win95 let any sequence of lighting cues be captured by a DMX source direct-to-disk and then played back.

As simple as a tape recorder. All real-time effects are rendered, with a compact storage technique that lets hours of lighting effects be stored in a few megabytes of disk. Use your expensive DMX equipment just to develop your show and then let BlackBox capture it and play it back, one-time or looping.

Ideal for theme park, museums, disco, every place where repetitive playback of a lighting effect sequence is required.

A simple, standalone Win32 application for Win95. Any inexpensive PC, coupled with one of the two offered DMX interfaces (DMXAdp and Martin I/O) is all you need.

Here is how your BlackBok panel will look like on the screen:

ProScenium BlackBox screen

Download Martin ProScenium BlackBox User's Manual

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